Student Scriptwriting Competition

Competition Co-Chairs:
Fred Jones, Southeast Missouri State University
Michael McAlexander, Frostburg State University

BEA Best of Festival King Foundation Award

Kellie Rice
San Jose State University
“Daughters of the Wind”

Feature Category (90-120 pages)

1st Place
Kellie Rice, San Jose State University, “Daughters of the Wind”

2nd Place
Ryan Karten, Boston University, “Out With the Old”

3rd Place
David M. Garza, San Jose State University, “Teller Line”

Short Subject Category (15-35 pages)

1st Place
Kayde Fisher, University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh, “Crimson Shadows”

2nd Place
Stephen A. Welby, Missouri State University, “Pod #72”

3rd Place
Taylor S. Ivey, Tulane University, “The Hall”

Original Television Series Pilot Category (hour long or half hour long)

1st Place
Rhiannion Barbour, San Francisco State University, “Bad Actress”

2nd Place
Daniel E. Cozza, Southern Illinois University – Carbondale, “I’m Ryan Smith”

3rd Place
Jason M. Barr, Southern Illinois University – Carbondale, “Reality”

Television Spec Category (hour long or half hour long)

1st Place
Jared A. Robinson, University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh, The Office – “Outbreak”

2nd Place (Tie)
Curtis McConnell, Missouri State University, Mad Men – “Yellow”

2nd Place (Tie)
Jesse P. Jamison, Missouri State University, Eureka – “Family Films”

Mobisode/Webisode (5-15 pages)

No award winners this year.

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